Schneider Electric Key Switch, 22mm

Schneider Electric Key Switch,   22mm
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Schneider Electric Key Switch, 22mm
  • 455 key for Schneider Electric (Telemecanique) 22mm, series XB4 and XB5 Switches
  • Schneider Electric part number: ZBG 455
  • See also non-standard Schneider Electric keys (below) for this switch:
  • 421E key,  part number: ZBG421E
  • 458A key,  part number: ZBG458A
  • 520E key,  part number:  ZBG520E
  • 3131A key,  part number:  ZBG3131A
  • 8D1 key,  part number: ZBD8D1
  • 3122A key,  part number:  ZBGK3122A
NOTE: These factory original keys are pre-cut, in stock and available for immediate delivery.  
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455 key - (2 Keys)
455 key - (6 Keys)
455 key - (12 Keys)
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