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Altech Teknic (Loreto) KY30 replacement keys

Altech Teknic (Loreto)  KY30 replacement keys
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Altech Teknic (Loreto) KY30 replacement keys
  • Our replacement KY30 keys operate standard Altech Teknic 30mm Key selector switches
  • The KY30 key is Altech part number: AM90157
  • NOTE: There are no numbers stamped on the original Altech keys.
    NOTE: Our replacement keys are pre-cut, in stock and available for immediate delivery. They are produced on blanks from an aftermarket supplier & are guaranteed to work as well as the originals. 
Item# Item Name Price QTY
KY30 Replacement keys - (Bag with 2 Keys)
KY30 Replacement keys - (Bag with 6 Keys)
KY30 Replacement keys - (Bag with 12 Keys)
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