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10 Hp Motor - Frame: 215YZ, Shaft ID: 3/4", Spec: 37G421X276.

10 Hp Motor - Frame: 215YZ,  Shaft ID: 3/4",  Spec: 37G421X276.
See dimensions.
10 Hp Motor - Frame: 215YZ, Shaft ID: 3/4", Spec: 37G421X276.
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Spec: 37G421X276, Spec: 37F226W706, Spec: 37F169Z50, Spec: 37K58W637.
  • NEMA Frame: 215YZ. 
  • RPM: 1725.
  • Electrical: 208 - 230 / 460 VAC, 3-Phase, 60hz.
  • Amperage: 28 - 26 / 13 Amps.
  • YZ mounting face: with bolt holes 4.18" (on center) threads: 3/8" x 16 tpi. Dimensions to accept SAE-A pumps.
  • Motor Shaft: has a 3/4" counter-bore, to accept a 3/4" pump shaft with keyway.
  • Rotation: Reversible.
  • Electrical junction box: Top mounted.
  • Enclosure: TEFC, totally enclosed, fan cooled.
  • Base: Rigid.
  • Overall Length: 16".
---- FREE GROUND SHIPPING  in the continental USA----  

  • Male half has external splines. Inside bore / ID:  3/4" with 3/16" keyway and setscrew (to accept pump shaft)
  • Female half has internal splines. Inside bore / ID: 1.24" for a "pressed-fit" onto the motor shaft. No keyway.

This updated 10 hp motor can be used to replace 5 hp & 7.5 hp motors with the 215YZ frame and also the AVO215 frame that is no longer available. (See NEMA frame dimensions in diagram above.)  In most cases, the motor mounting holes & the shaft of this new 10 hp motor will line up with the original application. If this new motor is used to replace a smaller Hp motor, then the Motor-starter should also be upgraded.

The splined-coupling used with earlier versions of this motor, is no longer necessary. The new motor shaft is counter-bored to 3/4" with a keyway to accept the pump shaft.
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10 Hp Baldor Motor, Frame: 215YZ, Shaft ID 3/4"
Pump Coupling. M+F two piece set
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